Essay About Habits

Following good habits such as having a healthy mindset, exercising, and a nutritious diet are what make up a healthy lifestyle. I believe health behaviors should consist of both positive and negative. Having a good balance of both, I believe promotes clean living. By that, I mean eating relatively well most of the time but not limiting yourself and indulging once in a while. I live by in the saying, “everything in moderation.” I am going to discuss my health behaviors that are present in my life and what caused these behaviors to become a part of my daily routine. One of my positive health behaviors would be eating a healthy and balanced diet. I meet that by eating when hungry, picking denser nutritious food, and I cut out soda and sugary drinks from my diet. I only consume two types of beverages in my daily life, such as every morning I have a cup of coffee with cream but no sugar. The other one is water which I consume a healthy amount of. Overall, my diet consists of healthy foods, but I don’t limit myself to just that. Mondays through Thursdays I eat rather healthy foods such as salads, meat, and soup. But I find it healthy to not limit yourself to foods that have low sugar, carbs, etc. Because of that, on weekends, holidays, and birthdays, I will indulge in foods that aren’t healthy. For example, processed foods, desserts, candy, pizza, etc. Now, this healthy lifestyle of mine used to never be like this. Up until freshman year of high school, I never cared what went into my mouth, how many calories I eat, and did not get enough exercise. But once I stepped on the scale and read 200 pounds, I knew I needed to change my habits right away. Now I am proud to say I weigh a healthy weight of about 148. But I don’t believe I live a healthy lifestyle completely due to the fact of some of my bad habits. Which include the following not getting enough sleep a night and recreationally vaping. These habits I am not proud of but I’m trying to fix and manage.

After taking the questionnaire How Do Your Health Habits Rate?, it was easy to name the many areas that I need to work on. My only poor eating habit is the restrictiveness of not eating enough varieties of food each day. I can improve on this by adding more fruits, peas, beans, and seeds into my daily food intake. I will now focus on expanding my consumption of all food groups, using planned out strategies. I will do this by choosing a variety of foods and beverages from all the food groups to build healthier eating styles. Include these choices help to meet my calorie and nutrient needs when having meals and snacks. Also, my consumption of whole-grain products is fairly low. To fix this I will from now on check the ingredient list. The first ingredient on a nutrition fact must contain the following whole grain, such as whole-grain oats/wheat or whole wheat. One of my positive health behaviors is exercise/fitness since I got an excellent score. I love to workout I consider myself a gym freak to be exact. I exercise on average five to six times per week for a little over an hour. My exercise performances vary and I switch up the routine often, so I won’t get bored. But, my favorites are walking at a fast pace on the treadmill at 15% incline and about 3.5mph speed for on average thirty to thirty-five minutes. Another personal favorite is the stair stepper which I can’t do as long on but I last anywhere from twenty-five minutes to half an hour. After completion of doing cardio, I will do strength workouts like upper/lower back, abdominal machines, weights, etc. My worst score was in the Alcohol and Drugs category. I received an overall score of five this is because I never looked into if my daily medications can even be mixed with alcohol as I’ve never thought to check. This is because I usually don’t read the label and directions when taking medications. To fix these problems I have to become more alert of what medicine I am taking and do more research to give more information on them. From now on I will read the labels on medicine such as over the counter ones and will read the pamphlet that comes with my prescribed medications from the pharmacy. And lastly, I recreationally partake in alcohol which is not healthy for me at all. To fix this problem I will not drink to “fit in” or fall under pressure when out with friends. This questionnaire has opened my eyes that I can be harming my health with these unhealthy habits.